eBoxingHandles Features
A pair of electronic boxing handles
Unique, button-free touch sensor switches, vibration impulses commanding system, Bluetooth technology
Smartphone training app
Adaptive punching combinations training engine, statistical analysis of trainings
3-axis acceleration sensor system
Detects all motions in space
Track your training
Informative graphical representation of punches, intensity, statistics, and progress
High quality punch recognition
State-of-the-art data mining and machine-learning technology
Bluetooth technology
Fully wireless, directly connects to your smartphone
Available for both iOS and Android
Why Cardio Boxing?
  • Best exercise to burn calories, improve stamina and heart health
  • You can do it whenever and wherever you want it, just have a spare 15 minutes
  • Develops technique and improves physical coordination
  • Highly enjoyable, addictive
  • Super sexy to do (and watch)
Destroy your limits
Max out your cardio boxing routine
Medium Intensity Intervals
To warm up and between high intensity intervals train with the medium intensity Guided Rounds. Like a good coach - with built in adaptive training engine - it puts your training to the maximum. It gives you commands and instructions and gets the most out of you. Improves your punching combinations, techniques and increases your strength.
High Intensity Intervals
Speed up with high intensity intervals to boost your training to the maximum. The Free Rounds will put you over your limits. Builds you unbelievable power, endurance and super lean muscles.
Medium Intensity Intervals
The eBoxingHandles Guided Round mode gives you medium intensity cardio boxing rounds. The app will give you punching combinations to perform. You get instructions by vibration impulses in the handles. You have to perform the punching combinations shown by the app. Start the combinations with that hand you felt the vibration impulse in and perform it with alternating hands. The combinations will be repeated by 15-25 times. In a five min. round you will perform approx. 300-330 punches.
High Intensity Intervals
Rather call it "insane", or "Stamina booster" mode. This will build you the power. Always include high intensity intervals in your training. In the Free Round mode you must throw as many punches as you just can. In a three min round try to accomplish over 500 punches. An ideal training would look like 5 min Guided followed by 3 min. Free Round repeated at least 2 times and closed down by a 5 min. Guided.
Dual Functionality
Boxing Coaching
Gives you punching combinations exercises to perform. Gives commands by vibration signals at the handles. It measures reflexes and intensity. The adaptive training engine tailors the training to your capabilities, so you get the most out of each session. All punching combination exercises are repeated 15–25 times. This helps you to develop proficiency in performing any punching combination.
Real Time Punch Tracker
Monitors and evaluates your boxing routine to measure your progress. It gives you a full statistical analysis of your training, showing the total number of punches performed by each hand, the number of different punches, the intensity, and punch accelerations.
Get the most out of your cardio boxing
Get in shape for the New Year
  • Build enormous strength
  • Develop proficient techniques
  • Improve muscle definition
  • Lose weight real fast
Start the 8 week challenge, today!
  • Full Paleo based diet guaranteed to lose you weight
  • Daily workouts for strength, endurance, and speed
  • Weekly coaching and community
Take your body to the next level!
Accessories Available Upon Order
Durable plastic holder to keep your eBoxingHandles in sight. The elegant design of the eBoxingHandles holder adds a stylish touch to your home.
Now you are just a click away to buy one.
Get in incredible shape by the Summer!
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