XGrip Trainer

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Body Shaping Device

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XGrip Trainer
Designed with one simple goal: shape and uncover abs.
Effective on it’s own, but can be used as part of your current training program for faster and more sensational results. Real transformation in just 10 minutes a day.
  • Removes hard-to-shift body fat
  • Tones and tightens mid-section muscles
  • Reduces cellulite around belly and abs
XGrip Trainer can help if:
  • You’d love to have a slender body without any belly fat
  • You have toned abs, but they’re hidden beneath a layer of cellulite
  • You’ve tried to rid yourself of unsightly belly fat by dieting, body sculpting, or going to the gym, but it hasn’t worked.
Results in just Days, transformations in Only Weeks
With the help of XGrip Trainer you’ll be able to:
  • Get rid of hard-to-shift body fat
  • Tone your muscles
  • Reduce the cellulite around your belly and abs
  • Breaks up the subcutaneous fatty tissue around your waist and abs


Package Contains:
  • XGrip Trainer (elastic strap, special massage nodes to provide focused compression on the targeted fatty tissues)
  • User Manual
Dimensions (empty plastic bag): 12.60 x 17.32 inch (32.00 x 44.00 cm)
Gross Weight: 1.76 lb (0.80 kg)
Technical specifications:
Size: 88.89 inch (226 cm)
Net Weight: 1.76 lb (0.80 kg)
Materials: Rubber, plastic


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